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The Silver Mammoth band was formed in October 2010 by singer and music producer Marcelo Izzo, in 2012 the band started to perform professionally in Sao Paulo city music scene. The band was influenced by 70’s British bands with elements of Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock. The band officially adopts the English language in your lyrics.

The first album was released in 2012 with the band homonym; SILVER MAMMOTH. The album embraces themes about day-by-day life and the imaginary. The specialized media in Sao Paulo gave positive reviews about the Silver Mammoth’s first work.

In 2014 the band released the second album, PRIDE PRICE. The band started to become more known within the heavy metal scene in Brazil and even having two songs from the album played in Spain. The album lyrics explore the problems of corruption within big corporations, going through the hypocrisy of the world. The band likes to remember the mood of the pass {Nostalgia} without losing the perspective of future.

In November 2015 Silver Mammoth launches its most audacious work, MINDLOMANIA. The album talks about an individual who suffers from psycho issues alienated with music which sent the person back to the classic rock vibe.

“Mindlomania” is conquering the Brazilian specialized media such as Whiplash and Roadie Crew magazines among others; it is a work full of remarkable features inherent to Classic Rock and Psychedelic.

Leandro Vianna (The Music remains the same)
“With its mix of Classic, Progressive and Psychedelic , and of course, a very little foot stuck in what are called Occult Rock, the SILVER MAMMOTH gave us one of the best albums of 2015. Who can stop this Mammoth?”

Marcos Garcia (Metal Samsara)
“The SILVER MAMMOTH reaches a point where it does not need to prove anything to anyone, and at the same time, it stands as one of the strongest names in the style in Brazil.”

Ivanei Salgado (Roadie Crew Magazine)
“There is no doubt that before the whole atmosphere created for this third album we have here a complete work and one of the best Brazilian albums in the year!”

Vitor Hugo Franceschini (Arte Metal)
“Being versatile from the start, mixing styles ranging from the Hard Rock, Classic Rock to Stoner, the band still shows more variation and impressive creativity in “Mindlomania”.

Júnior Frascá (Whiplash!)
“We have here a great job and this will make the band grow much in the national and international metal scene, deservedly, since they nailed it this time! A must for all fans of heavy music in general!”

Eduardo de Souza Bonadia (Strike Metal)
“A great job proving once again that our scene is incredibly rich and should be further explored by the fans. Mark this name: Silver Mammoth! “

Vinny Hetfield (Rock Vibrations)
“The vocals worked, guitars with beautiful timbres, drums and bass in the measure, well structured keyboards, everything is there for the lovers of progressive and also of the good and old 70´s rock and roll.”

“Mindlomania” follows breaking borders after its launch, entered into the list of the most important releases in Latin America in 2015 through the portal Headbangers Latin America. At this stage SILVER MAMMOTH released two new videos for the first two singles taken from this work: “Mindlomania” and “Bewitched”; both music videos professionally produced.

SILVER MAMMOTH’s management has started the scheduling process for the (Mindlo Tour) for the entire state of Sao Paulo and other cities in Brazil and rest of World.

Marcos Garcia (Metal Samsara – )
“The group makes a hard and vigorous Hard Rock, with great doses of Groove and psychedelia sound, referring a lot to the 60s and 70s, but does not sound dated to the listeners.”

The band is composing their new album to be released in the second half of 2019.

SILVER MAMMOTH has just announced the release of their upcoming album, which will feature previously unreleased tracks, an acoustic version of the classic “Natural Love” from their first eponymous album, originally released in 2013.

The new work, the “Unified Trilogy” project for a British Seal, will also be registered. The project featured “Jailbreak” (AC/DC), “White Line Fever” (Motörhead) and “Symptom of the Universe” (Black Sabbath) that had an official video released.

The first single of this work will be “RISE UP” to be released on July 13, WORLD ROCK DAY, the single also will have an important Official Video Clip. The unpublished album is due in the second half of this year.

For more information on how to book a date for any city, just get in touch via e- mail:

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